Beautiful Gray Cat


Loving care for your pets in the comfort of their own home and familiar routine.

Every visit is tailored to your pets needs.  I offer more than a pop in service to feed and clean up, as I focus my time with your pets with plenty of play, attention and cuddles.

I look after your cat, rabbit, guinea pig, birds, chickens and many other pets in their own home, which avoids any stress your pets may have in boarding away from home.

Our visits include:

Feeding & water change

Cleaning litter/cages

Administering medication

Basic grooming

Lots of play and cuddles

I also make sure your house appears lived in while you are away​ by adjusting curtains and lighting, taking out the bins and checking your house is secure.  There is no additional cost as its all part of the service I provide.

£8 per 20 min visit

£10 per 30 min visit

2 visits per day are recommended.