Dog's Portrait


Fun filled dog walks & puppy visits with plenty of interactive play and exercise, whatever the weather!




I walk your dogs along their favourite routes and alternate routes to keep things interesting. Walks can be on or off the lead with secure and safe transportation as part of the service if needed. Every walk has time for a run around and interactive play. Food and water will be topped up and medication given, if needed. On those wet days I will give them a towel dry before getting back indoors.

I walk single households only and never walk in packs, so you can be confident your dogs are receiving lots of human interaction. If your dog is in training, I can support you while out on walks, or pre/post walk.

I am qualified in dog first aid and always have a first aid kit in my vehicle.

£12 - 1 hour walk, 1 dog

£18 - 1 hour walk, 2 dogs

£24 - 1 hour walk, 3 dogs

£10 - 30 min walk, 1 dog

£14 - 30 min walk, 2 dogs

£18 - 30 min walk, 3 dogs


My puppy visits are centred around play and interaction with your puppy to support your training.

Visits include:

Puppy play and training

Water and food top up

Cleaning up any little accidents

£10 per 30 min visit